Monday, February 3, 2014

February Currently

January and the first month in 2014 just flew by.  So hard to believe it's already time for FebruaryIt's also time for another Currently. 

Listening-I love the Monday evening line up of comedies.  I'm enjoying Two Broke Girls right now.

Loving-This time of year is so great in Arizona.  The weather is balmy compared to back east which is getting hit by storm after storm, and there is so much to do out here at this time of year.  It's almost time for spring training games, hiking and all sorts of outdoors fun.

Thinking-This is such a busy time of year for me.  Lots of ieps, in addition to teaching, planning and prepping kids for testing season.

Wanting-I'd love some extra time so I can catch up on all the stuff I need and want to do.

Needing-To get back to a regular routine of hiking and yoga.  It's so hard to keep on a good routine this time of year, and when the pressures on at school.

Two fibs and a lie- I did graduate from high school in London, England and work on a kibbutz in Israel.  l haven't rafted the Colorado River, although it's on my bucket list of things to do.

Join in with the fun and see what everyone else is doing Currently.

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