Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summertime goals

Well, summertime has finally arrived.  School just got out last Friday and now I have the summer stretching out before me.  So excited!!  When summer begins I always hold out high hopes on what I’ll be able to accomplish.  Now is the time to plan and set out goals so that I can hold myself accountable and get some things accomplished this summer.

Financial-I have a set amount of money to last me through the summer, so now I need to budget my money so that I can have some fun and enjoy my summer, but also live within my means and be frugal.

Career-I want to learn more about technology that would be good to implement in the classroom.  My goal is to work towards a paperless classroom as much as possible.  I learned a lot about having students use Edmodo in the classroom as well as incorporating more hands on activities with my teaching.

Health and Fitness-I’ve postponed staying on a regular workout routine this year and I need to get back on track.  I did so well last summer and on vacations, but when I’m back at work I find it very difficult to balance my health and fitness.  I need to do a better job at honoring my commitments to myself, especially when it comes to exercising on  a regular basis and eating more fruits and veggies, with  non-processed, organic foods.  

Spiritual- I would like to meditate daily.  This is the hardest one for me, because I always set it as a goal for myself and I never hold myself accountable for it. I also want to practice yoga more frequently (at least two or three times a week).  I believe that both activities will help me become more calm and centered.

Blogging- I really want to revamp the blog and expand it’s horizons.  Instead of only blogging about teaching, I’d like to blog about a wider variety of topics.  I think that’ll really help me as a writer.

Fun-   I also want to make sure I spend time reconnecting with friends.  Last but not least it’s time for more swing dancing.  I always have a lot of fun out on the dance floor.  In addition to great music and dancing it’s an opportunity to reconnect with friends.

What are you planning this summer?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Learning about Edmodo

I learned about a great new website this year called Edmodo.  My school and school district was really active in using it, so I decided to check it out and start using it towards the end of the school year.

It's a really great program because it you can post lessons, websites for learning, quizzes and other assessments on the program and send it out to the students and it's all online.

First you create classes, then you add students to your classes.  Then you can create homework, quizzes, test and classwork online and send it out to them.  They complete it online and return it to you for grading.  It also helps reduce the paper trail and allows to keep records of their learning online.

Also, there is a program called snapshot which creates quizzes based on standards and you send it out to the students.  They take the 'snapshots' and you have information on how they are on the standards.  When they're finished it recommends online lessons for them to enhance their learning.

You can use it to individualize your learning for your students, allowing them to work on activities and/or lessons at their level while you provide direct instruction to other students.  It also can help you monitor students iep goals online through snapshot and other online assessments.  There are so many possibilities for learning and individualizing student work.

Another asset of edmodo is that during days you have a substitute and/or snow days if students have access to a computer you can have their learning all online for them.

Anyway, that's just a general overview of how you can use edmodo.  Does anybody else use edmodo?  How do you use it in your classroom or school?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

It's currently May

This year has flown.  So had to believe it's May already and the year is winding down.  Only three weeks but who's counting?

Anyway, a new month means a new Currently and I'm joining in on the party
Listening:  I'm catching up on old Downton Abbey Episodes on Netflix.  Love that show.

Loving: There are 3 more weeks until summer vacation and I'm so ready and excited!

Thinking:  So much I want to accomplish this summer-reading, writing, relaxing and taking care of myself

Wanting:  It's starting to warm up in Phoenix.  It actually hit a 100 on May 1st crazy!!  I know it's coming but I'm not ready for it yet.

Needing: A new computer.  My old one is on it's last legs and I need a new one for all the stuff I want to accomplish on it.

Summer, Yes, Hope, Dream:  I plan on going to Minnesota, work out on a regular basis and hopefully take some fun road trips (to the ocean).

Come join us and find out what everyone's doing currently!

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