Monday, June 1, 2015

June Currently

Well summer vacation has finally arrived for me!  I've been out of school for at least a week and have been enjoying relaxing and catching up with all the stuff I don't have time to do during the school year.   Anyway, a new month means a new Currently and time to link up with Farley's Currently

Listening-I've been watching Bloodline on Netflix.  Wow is it good! The acting is great and the story is mesmerizing.  Loving having time for Netflix marathons.

Loving-So happy that summer vacation has finally arrived.  School was hard this year and it's nice to have time to take care of myself and catch up with my life.

Thinking-Summer always flies by so I really want to set some goals for myself so that I can do everything I want to accomplish this summer.

Wanting- I'm hoping to take a trip to the ocean this summer.  I don't live that far away from the ocean (well a days trip anyway). Anyway there's something about being near to the ocean that soothes the soul.

Needing-One of my big projects this summer is getting organized at home.  I really want to declutter and purge this summer.  It's amazing how much I accumulate over the years.

Summer loving-  So much I love about summer.  First and foremost I love the ability to relax and take care of myself in the summer.  I can exercise, eat healthy, read, write and reconnect with friends (and more swing dancing).  I also go to our cottage in MN in the summertime and spend time with family that I usually only see once a year.  It's spent swimming, reading and relaxing.  It's my happy place.

Come join us and let us know what you're doing currently.

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