Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summertime goals

Well, summertime has finally arrived.  School just got out last Friday and now I have the summer stretching out before me.  So excited!!  When summer begins I always hold out high hopes on what I’ll be able to accomplish.  Now is the time to plan and set out goals so that I can hold myself accountable and get some things accomplished this summer.

Financial-I have a set amount of money to last me through the summer, so now I need to budget my money so that I can have some fun and enjoy my summer, but also live within my means and be frugal.

Career-I want to learn more about technology that would be good to implement in the classroom.  My goal is to work towards a paperless classroom as much as possible.  I learned a lot about having students use Edmodo in the classroom as well as incorporating more hands on activities with my teaching.

Health and Fitness-I’ve postponed staying on a regular workout routine this year and I need to get back on track.  I did so well last summer and on vacations, but when I’m back at work I find it very difficult to balance my health and fitness.  I need to do a better job at honoring my commitments to myself, especially when it comes to exercising on  a regular basis and eating more fruits and veggies, with  non-processed, organic foods.  

Spiritual- I would like to meditate daily.  This is the hardest one for me, because I always set it as a goal for myself and I never hold myself accountable for it. I also want to practice yoga more frequently (at least two or three times a week).  I believe that both activities will help me become more calm and centered.

Blogging- I really want to revamp the blog and expand it’s horizons.  Instead of only blogging about teaching, I’d like to blog about a wider variety of topics.  I think that’ll really help me as a writer.

Fun-   I also want to make sure I spend time reconnecting with friends.  Last but not least it’s time for more swing dancing.  I always have a lot of fun out on the dance floor.  In addition to great music and dancing it’s an opportunity to reconnect with friends.

What are you planning this summer?

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  1. Hi Jacqui!

    Thank you for coming by and linking up at I Heart Grade 3!

    Wishing you much happiness and success this summer! I also hope you will be able to link up throughout the summer!



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