Monday, June 24, 2013

Scheduling students

As an elementary resource teacher one of the first things I need to do is to create a workable daily schedule for my students.    Creating a schedule depends on what kind of model you work with at your school.  I generally do mostly pull-out with some inclusion. 
Creating a workable classroom schedule can be tricky, like putting together a puzzle.  I look at the students I'm working with and their needs (areas that I service them in).  I try and group by grade and ability level as well, while keeping in mind any behavior issues I might have and avoid scheduling some students at the same time (if possible).  Then I look at their classroom schedule and work with their teachers to find the best times to schedule them, so that they'll miss out on as little grade level instruction as possible. 

My schedule is a constant work in progress, as new students come and go during the school year (either transfer ins, or students that are test into special ed. during the school year). 

How do you handle scheduling resource or special education students at your school?

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  1. This is an ongoing issue for me as well. I just completed my first year as a K-6 resource room teacher and discovered the nightmare that is scheduling! Hope others out there have some god tips!

    1. Scheduling can be the biggest headache for me and once I have everything all set along comes new students that I have to work on fitting in.

  2. I was actually on the committe for planning our ECE schedule for next year! What a task! We made a grid for the classes and individual grade levels (6th-8th) and had index cards and sticky notes of the kids that needed servicing in subjects, everything from resource, colab, and push pull which we started last year. We also introduced a rotating schedule this year, and lost a full time teacher to a .3 teacher. Whew! Really made me appreciate everything that goes in to scheduling and accomaditing our students.

    The TechKnowledgey Teacher

    1. That sounds like a big task to accomplish!


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