Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Currently on Christmas vacation

It's so nice to finally be on Christmas vacation.  It's been a crazy, busy hectic fall.  I started a new job this year teaching online-which I love!!  However, it's been a huge learning curve this year.  So many new things to learn but luckily I have a really strong support system and a lot of help.  Anyway, it's nice to be home, relaxing and taking the opportunity to reflect on my teaching and life and recharge for the new year.  I want to start 2016 on a positive note-recharged and ready to go.  So that being said it's time to join in with my favorite linky party Farley's Currently

Listening-Loving listening to oldies on Pandora

Loving-Christmas vacation of course!!  Two weeks of freedom Yay!!  I'm having lunch with friends, shopping, seeing movies, resting and planning for the new year.

Thinking-So much I want to accomplish over my vacation-now to make a plan on how to do it all.  One big thing is reconnecting with friends and family!

Wanting-Really wanting to do some clutter busting over my vacation.  I'm hoping to start working from home in the new year and I need to prep my home workplace.

Needing-Working on my New Years resolutions.  One big thing is exercise.  My new job is a lot more sedentary because I have to work from a desk, but trying to plan ways to add more movement into my life, both during the day and afterwards.  I also want to do more socializing and expanding my social and friend network.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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  1. Teaching from home sounds so interesting! WHat level do you teach. I too am working on some much needed R&R this break. Time to take a breather while we can. :)


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