Friday, March 4, 2016

March currently

Boy these months are flying by.  February was a really hectic month with changes at school and family health problems.    I'm excited to start off with my spring break and enjoy some time relaxing and having fun with friends.  So I'm linking up with my favorite linky party currently.

Listening-I LOVE Netflix and Crossing Lines is a fun police procedural set in Europe and different countries.  
Loving-I'm excited to finally be on spring break.  This year is just flying by.  I'm looking forward to having some time to relax and catch  up with life.
Thinking-I'm thinking about all the stuff I'd like to accomplish.  I want to get organized at home, have fun with friends and catch up on life and yes do some school work.
Wanting-  I really want to get organized at home.  It's more of a motivation now because I'm hoping to work from home in the near future.  It would be great for so many reasons.  The big one is adding an hour and a half in my day that's wasted by commuting.  I want to get everything in order so it's easier to work from home.
Needing- Well it's finally here.  Spring break now it's time to have fun!!  February has been rough between changes at work and health problems with the family it seems as if all my time has been consumed.  I'm determined now.  I'm ready to have fun and obtain some balance in my life.
Polling sites-I don't think they should be at schools, not anymore.  Maybe if they can keep them totally seperate from students, but not a great day.

If your interested link up with Farley and tell us what your doing currently.

Oh Boy It's Farley


  1. I don't know Crossing Lines. I will have to check it out. I wrote I need more time as well!

  2. Hola! Awesome you're on spring break - ours starts on Good Friday. Enjoy it!
    I used to teach in AZ - in the Creighton School District in Phoenix. Where are you? I wish I could check out some spring training, that was my favorite!
    Enjoy the sunny weather!

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