Monday, February 25, 2013

Teacher Wish List Linky

Back to work today.  Next week is parent conferences and then spring break.  So looking forward to a week off and some much needed time with family.

Anyway, today I've been thinking about all the things I need and want for the classroom and found the perfect linky party at  First Grade Smiles

Now it's time to dream awhile and think about all the things that I've dreaming about getting for my classroom (more technology is on the top of my list).

First up, here are some of my faves in my classroom:

1) Whiteboards- I LOVE whiteboards!  I love them for spelling, math and just about anything.  They're also really motivational for my students who love using them.

2) Class Dojo-I love using it for my classroom management!  The kids love earning the positive points and rewards

3) Touch Math- I love using it to touch math, especially for teaching addition and subtraction.  I think it really helps my students a lot.

Now for my wishes:

4) Smartboard- I've slowly been making progress this year in my quest for more technology in my classroom.  Next up, I'd really love to add a smart board to my room for my teaching.

5) Ipads- I've heard a lot about the great applications for teaching on ipads, especially for special education students on ipads.  I'd really like to get some that my students can use.

6) Ipods-I'm sure there are a lot of uses for ipods in classroom.  I could use them for music, and for listening to stories.

7) Plastic boxes- I need to spruce up my classroom and get more organized and cutesy.   I really want to get more plastic boxes, and some cute materials to dress it up and make it look cuter.

What's on your wish list?

Anyway, have a great week!!


  1. Howdy! Just buzzed over from the linky party. I love whiteboards as well! We use them daily. I forgot to add that to my list lol...and I most definitely wish to have an iPad too!

    MrsMc from Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  2. I love my whiteboards, but I sometimes forget I have them for a week or two and then I remember and use them everyday! They really are motivational!!! Thanks for linking up!

    First Grade Smiles


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