Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Organizing and Reading

     As you can see I now have the clutter free classroom badge for my blog.  I'm going to spending some time each day working towards my goal.  I'm lucky that I have a student teacher so that while she's teaching I have time to organize and go through my reading materials of which I have many.

     I was able to spend some time today going through my reading programs and organizing my materials. 
I've been very lucky to go through a lot of reading training in my district.  I have an Orton Gillingham based reading program called Language Foundations.  I also went through most of the Linda Mood Bell courses, Seeing Stars, Lips, Visualizing and Verbalizing and Cloud Nine.  I use Language Foundations with my lower readers that really struggle.  This program is based on sounds that students learn and review and focuses on coding words to help them read.  I really love it!  I'll have to take pictures of the programs and then I can post them.  In the last two years our district purchased the Passport Voyager Program for all the resource students.  This program is great because it focuses on letters and sounds, but it also works on comprehension and really encourages them to think through what they're reading and why.  It also focuses on reading strategies.  In their classroom the students use the Harcourt Series.  I use a combination of the Passport series and Language Foundations for the students who are too low for the Passport program.  What kind of reading programs do you use for your struggling readers.  I've been coordinating what I cover in my room, with the teachers so I'm hitting on their vocabulary and strategies while also working at their level.


  1. Hi - thanks for following my blog; I'm your newest follower! Welcome to the blogging world! I love finding other sped teacher bloggers :)


  2. Thanks Kara! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing with other teachers.


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