Saturday, March 9, 2013

What are you technology must haves?

Spring break has finally arrived here in Arizona!  I'm so looking forward to having some time to relax, recharge and spending time with family.  When we return I'll have to hit the ground running, with iep meetings and getting ready for our AIMS week.

I've been learning a lot more about technology this year and trying to incorporate it into my teaching.  I've started using Class Dojo for behavior management, started looking into some different websites for progress monitoring (Easy CBM and Read Theory), Brain Pop and Teacher Tube for videos and discovered XMath for practicing math facts.  I finally received a document camera

I'm wondering what kinds of technology do you use in your classroom and can't live without? (smart boards, document cameras, ipods etc.)

What websites do you love for teaching and recommend?  I'm thinking mostly ones that students can use to reinforce their learning.  What about great websites for progress monitoring?

Anyway, hope everyone has a good weekend!!

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