Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to school again!

Is it that time of the year already?  I had a long, relaxing summer.  I spent time working on my blog, and catching up with friends.  Then I went to our cottage in Minnesota this summer for a month of swimming,  relaxing and spending time with family,  and friends.  My nieces came out (twins) and spent some time out there before their parents came.  I loved spending so much time with them.  

Then one last weekend getaway in San Clemente, CA before going back to school.  It was so nice to get away from the heat again!!  I love Arizona, but this time of year is really hot!!  Here is a picture of the pier.

Last week I returned back to school.  In between meeting and catching up with friends, I worked on putting my room together.  I'm lucky to have a room to myself.

Here are some of the pictures from my room-

This is where my students store their materials (books, notebooks etc.), as well as filing cabinets.

This is my main teaching area.  This is where I do direct instruction and my groups meet.  You may be able to see my new document camera which also came with a new projector that was put in my room last year.

Here is my desk.  Behind me is where a lot of teaching materials are stored.  I also keep a lot of information that I need handy access there.
Now starts the process of getting organized, scheduling students (always a headache) assessing them, and planning.  It should be an interesting year.  This is the first year our school is getting an Autism program in our building.  I've worked with some students that are on the higher end of the autism program, but not with a wider variety of students.  I won't actually be working with them, I'll still be doing resource, but I'm looking forward to learning more about them.  

Anyway, today was the second day of school!  It went fairly smoothly, and I'm looking forward to a great year.

It's almost the weekend!!  Happy Wednesday!!

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