Saturday, August 24, 2013

How do you teach multiplication facts?

Well I've been back at school for three weeks and finally feeling like I'm getting into the groove of being back in school.  It's been super busy (isn't it always).  The beginning of the school year is always a whirlwind of setting up classrooms, getting back into a routine of getting up earlier and going to bed earlier than summertime.  It's that  time of year, for a fresh start with new routines, new ways of teaching and for some teachers a new set of students.  Since I teach special education resource I have mostly the same students,  with a few new transfer in students.  That makes for a busy start of the school year, since I have to hit the ground running as far as setting up iep meetings and getting settled into new routines.  I have some sweet kids this year, but I also have some characters in my room this year.   I've been working with my students on beginning year assessments (both my own, and school wide), rules and routines.

Most of my students need to work on mastering their multiplication facts.  Mastering, and or memorizing is pretty difficult, so I work with them on at least knowing how to solve multiplication facts even though they don't have the answers memorized.   I use a mixture of ways to teach it multiplication.  I use touch math, which starts with repeated addition and skip counting which is the foundation of mastering the math facts.  

I also recently discovered Xtra Math which helps students practice and master math facts.  My students have really enjoyed being able to use it, and most of them look forward to it, and the opportunity to practice their math facts.  

Another strategy is using Super Speed Math from Whole Brain Teaching.  They pair up with each other and practice their math facts with a partner, and the other person has the answers and checks as they go along.  We also play math war, where they have to solve multiplication problems (using times tables), and whoever gets the highest answer gets all the cards.

What do you do to teach multiplication facts?  Any other great websites out there to help students practice their math facts?

Hope everyone has a great school year!!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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