Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Creating products questions

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!  Arizona is enjoying some much needed rain and has been breezy and cold for quite a few days.  This is unusual for us, but should warm up by the end of the week and be sunny and 70's by the weekend when we have our big golf tournament.

I have questions for those of you that are creating products.  How do you start?  I'm assuming by getting clip art?  Where do you go to get them, or purchase them?  What do you use?  (power point, micsrosoft word etc.)  Any good tutorials on them.  Everyone seems to have such wonderful products that they're making and creating and I'd like to work on making some of my own, but don't know where to start.

Any tips or tricks would be appreciated!


  1. Jacqui, this is a great question!
    I work almost exclusively in Boardmaker and Microsoft Powerpoint. Do you have boardmaker? If not, I would begin a donor’s choose request for this item, or ask your department to purchase it for your classroom! If you can’t get boardmaker, there are sites that have pictures you can download for free. Here is a short list, I’ll try to think of more and get those to you:
    http://patrickecker.org/home/ - not the best pictures, but something to start with (just click on picture library)
    http://www.usevisualstrategies.com/visual-strategies/printable-picture-cards/ (emotion and behavior pics)
    http://trainland.tripod.com/pecs.htm - LONG list, best stuff begins at middle to bottom of page.
    Anyway, As mentioned I also use Powerpoint. Once it’s in powerepoint, you can save it as a PDF, print it out and use it as a book, use it as a powerpoint, etc.
    I hope this helps you a little. . . Good luck and please share the items you create!

  2. I just started to create things this month. I don't have board maker, but I've used free png graphics from TeachersPayTeachers. I googled for tutorials, and found some great ones on blogs. I've pinned a bunch of tutorials, free and paid fonts, borders, and clip art. You can check them out here:http://pinterest.com/mrswhitehair/fonts-borders-cipart-frames

  3. Hi Jacqui!!
    My journey with TPT has grown slowly since I'm learning as I go along. Check out these tips:

    Good luck!!

    Tales From a Traveling Teacher

  4. Buy/download for free clipart on TPT. Create in Power point so much easier. Then save to PDF when finished :)




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