Thursday, May 23, 2013

New websites I found this year! Teachers Talking Tech on Thursday

We only have two more days left of school!!  It's so hard to believe!!   I'm cleaning up and packing up my classroom as well as getting ready for next year.  The kids are excited and there are all sorts of fun activities for them at the end of the school year, talent shows, Junior Achievement as well as water day today, and a staff vs. students kickball game on Friday, as well as kindergarten graduation.

I found a fun new weekly link up party at the The Eager Teacher all devoted to talking tech, which is something I've wanted to do this year.  I've been learning more, as well as trying to incorporate more and I'm excited to find a linky party that supports this!!

Class Dojo-Was the best website I discovered this year.  It's a website that allows you to a fun and visual way of keeping track of points earned by students during the school year.  The students names along with cute little monsters are listed and can be projected on to a screen on a projector.  Students can win points for positive behavior, as well as lose points for unacceptable behavior.  Then the teacher can create an award system for earning points.

Xtra Math- This website allows you to create classes for your students and have them practice math facts individually.

Anyway, those are the main ones for now.  Enjoy the rest of your week!  Two more days until summer vacation!!

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  1. I love Xtra Math but I didn't know about Class Dojo! I can't wait to go check it out. Thanks for linking up and for the great ideas!

    The Eager Teacher
    Miss Eager


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