Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's time for another currently!

It's hard to believe it's May already and there are only three weeks left of school for us here in Arizona!  This year flew by.  For me it's been pretty doing a lot of testing.  After AIMS week, our school district has NWEA which is a computerized test.  It's been really fun seeing how well my students did this year and the growth they've made over this last year. 
 It's especially exciting for special ed. kids because they don't always get to see that growth.  I've also been doing a lot of ieps and paperwork.  Most of that is wrapped up for me, so it's fun getting everything wrapped up and turned in for the school year.  I'm also trying to get things cleaned up on the home front so I can relax and enjoy my summer.

Anyway, I'm joining with Farley once more for her May Currently.

Listening-To Paris Combo on Pandora.  I love Pandora, because I can listen to any kind of music I like and whatever genre I like.  Lately, it's been French jazz.  I'd love to go back to France one of these days and spend some time there.

Loving- This time of year and things are wrapping up at school.  The state testing is over with and it's got a more relaxed feel to it.  The students are doing more field trips, assemblies and Junior Achievement Day.  I'm finished up with all of my ieps for the year and turning them in.  Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and my Birthday and we have three weeks left of school.

Thinking-I'm also getting major spring fever and ready for summer time.  I get to spend some time at our cottage in Minnesota, take some fun road trips, and finally time to do a lot of the stuff I postpone until summer time.

Wanting-I really need to buy some new clothes for summer.  I've lost weight and a lot of my old stuff doesn't fit, so now it's time for some shopping therapy and get some cute new clothes for summer.

Needing-I really need to get serious about getting healthy and in shape.  Summer time always inspires to eat more healthy and get on a regular exercise routine.  I've been postponing it all year.  I've gotten on a semi regular yoga routine, but I really need to work on a regular exercise routine with weights and regular cardio, as well as eating healthier.

Summer Bucket List- Going to the ocean and some fun summer road trips out of town to escape the heat in PhoenixI also want to do a lot more reading, work out more, eat healthier-more fruits and vegetables, planning for the year ahead and learn more about blogging and creating products.

Come join the fun and let us know what your doing Currently!


  1. Shopping therapy ... the best kind of therapy! :D
    I can't believe how fast this school year went and it's already time to "wrap up"!
    ❤DragonfliesinFirst ❤

  2. You are right after me on the may currently link up. I too feel that I am healthier during the summer. Winter brings the need of too many comfort foods and too few salads.
    First Grade by the Sea

  3. We just started Junior Achievement with our volunteer leader last week. I love all these end of the year activities. The trip to Minnesota sounds like a nice getaway from your hot days.

    Hope you have a great birthday!
    Learning in the Little Apple


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