Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting acquainted!

Today I'm joining in with Flying into First for this fun tic-tac-toe style linky party to help our fellow bloggers become better acquainted.

You pick three boxes in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal manner.

I went to Concordia College (a Norwegian Lutheran college) in Minnesota.  One of my favorite memories there was:  There were so many wonderful memories there, but one of the main ones was my bike ride across Minnesota.  It took three days and I was wiped out, but as we came into Duluth and into Lake Superior it was so gorgeous!  All my aches and pains were wiped away.

My favorite school memory as a kid: I graduated from the American School in London.  Every year they have an Alternatives program where you go out into the world and learn there instead of the classroom.  There were opportunities to travel, and/or just stay in London for their learning experience.  I went to Scotland for a long weekend to learn about coal mining.  My other favorite experience was living in Mexico when I was in elementary school.  It gave me an opportunity to learn about another culture, and gave me the opportunity to learn a new language.  I still speak Spanish, but unfortunately, I'm not yet fluent in the language.

Hobbies: I have a lot of interests.  I love hiking, walking, yoga and running.  I also love anything to do with travel, immersing myself in new cultures and languages, reading and writing.  My current favorite is swing dancing.  I try and go swing dancing once a week.  It's a wonderful stress release, it keeps me laughing and it's a great way to meet new people.  I'd love to try other types of ballroom dancing, but swing dancing strikes me as pure joy on the dance floor.

What are your interests?  Come on over and let's get acquainted!

Happy almost independence day!!


  1. Hi Jacqui! I grew up in the Midwest, and did none of the traveling that you did (which sounds so wonderful!) I wonder what your parents did for a living--please tell us!
    I love writing and illustrating, teaching, kids' books, and cat rescue, and I have started a blog designed to help teachers connect with authors, illustrators, and books in their classrooms. (I left the cats out of that equation!) :-)

    1. My Dad worked for Kodak. That's why I did so much traveling growing up. I'll definitely be checking out your blog.


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