Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting ready for the school year!

Well it's been a fun relaxing summer!  I was able to visit Minnesota and spend some time at our cabin-swimming, relaxing, reconnecting with old friends and spending some much valued time with my nieces!  It was really hard leaving, but I'm so grateful that I am able to spend time up there.  I have one more short trip planned to the beach in California and then it's back to school next week.  It's so hard to believe that it's already time to return back to school.  

Once I set up the physical layout of my classroom, then I sit down and start planning for my student services.  As a resource teacher I work with students that have a variety of eligibilities, and I pull out the students to help give them support in whatever areas they qualify in (reading, math, writing and behavior).   

1) First, I make a master list of the students that I will be working with.  I look through their ieps and make a list of their eligibilities, as well as the areas they qualify in, their teachers and the dates of their ieps. 

2) Then I look through the ieps more thoroughly.  I look at their goals, as well as any important information like special services (occupational therapy or speech therapy), or behavior plans.

3) I write down the goals and make tracking sheets for their ieps, these I use when it comes time for planning and keeping track of their progress goals.

4) Then I make a list, by month of when the student's ieps/re-evaluations are due. 
Here is my the format that I use to help me organize the information about my students, it helps me with planning, organizing, scheduling students as well as scheduling their ieps for the coming year.  This is my first attempt at adding a freebie, or resource to my blog so hopefully it works out well.

Also, I'm still looking for my tips and suggestions on how you use Class Dojo in your classroom so please feel free to add your suggestions!!

Happy Tuesday!  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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