Monday, December 10, 2012

The 5 for Five Linky Party


I'm linking up with Jessica and Jenn for their 5 for Five linky party.  Here's the rules: every Monday, you set 5 goals for yourself for the next 5 days.  And then a week later, you link up again to see how you did on those goals and to set new goals.  And on and on it goes.  Sounds good, yes? 

I've been wanting to get more organized at home and at school so this is perfect for me and will help keep me more accountable.

This is my first time doing this linky party, so I don't have any progress to report on previous goals.

So anyway, here are my goals for this week:

1) Practice yoga at least twice- I love yoga and the way it makes feel stronger and more peaceful and relaxed.  I want to keep a regular yoga practice.

2) Go running at least three times- I love running and the way it makes me feel.  My goal is to run a 5-K by the summer, and so I need to get moving and start running on a regular basis.

3) Meditate daily for 5 minutes- I've tried it, but never really made meditation part of my daily practice.  I've always wanted to do and now's the time.  I've read and heard all about the wonderful benefits of meditation, so here it goes.

4) Get my kitchen organized- I really want to do some more cooking and hopefully I'll be able to indulge in it over Christmas vacation.  Anyway, once I'm organized there I should be able to have more time and motivation to some more cooking at home.

5) Create a budget and stick with it-I really want to get more organized with my finances and make sure that I'm able to accomplish my goals (money wise)  I want to be a more mindful spender.

So these are my goals for the coming week.  I'll report on my progress next week.  

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