Monday, December 31, 2012

It's almost 2013!

So hard to believe that we will soon be ringing in a new year!  For the most part this has been a good year.  I started this little blog, increased it to 38 followers (and hoping for more), had my first student teacher and really learned so much professionally from both experiences.  I also started running and doing yoga on a regular basis, in addition to hiking, walking and dancing.   I've also been able to spend lots of time with my family and friends, as well as my boyfriend, enjoyed time in my happy place in Minnesota, and San Clemente hanging by the ocean.  Life is good and I've had lot's of blessings this year.

  My fitness resolutions for the coming year are to do more yoga and running, run a 5-K by the end of the year, keep hiking (lots of great hiking in AZ) and walking.

I plan to celebrate the new year with family watching a movie, and having dinner.  Later on I'll be meeting my boyfriend and going to a swing dance party where we will welcome the new year.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful new year, and that 2013 brings all sorts of good things to you and yours.

Enjoy and have fun! 


  1. You should definitely find a fun 5K to sign up for and run! Happy New Year!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I am number 39! I am thinking of doing the Color Run in Tempe in January. I am not a runner so this is a big goal!
    Happy New Year.


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