Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays and Winter Break Goals

Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope however you celebrate this season you're with family and friends and people you love!  I'll be celebrating with my parents and missing my brother and his family in Ohio (thank goodness for skype), as well as my boyfriend (who's celebrating with his family).  We'll eat, play games, and watch movies!

Anyway, I found a fun link up at What I Have Learned about making winter vacation goals.  Other than relaxing and having fun, I do want to be productive and accomplish some goals I don't normally have time for.  So here they are:

1)  Clean up my place.  It's in the need of a good spring cleaning and decluttering.  I plan on tackling it room to room over break so hopefully once I'm done it'll look much better.

2) Blogging- I'd like to make a plan for my blog-what topics to write about, how to increase traffic, making products for teachers pay teachers and how I can increase the amount of followers I have.

3) Exercise regularly-More yoga, running, walking, or hiking.  Anything-preferably outdoors.

4) Plan for school.  I want to plan for the next week, or two and maybe come up with a new discipline plan.  Mine is pretty old and while it works for the most part-it doesn't for everyone and I'd like to look into new ideas.  I'm also looking into whole brain teaching, brain gym and brain breaks.

5) I have a photo album from a trip I took almost 5 years ago, that is halfway done and I'd LOVE to FINALLY complete it.

I only have two weeks, and I'm sure it'll fly by so I better get going!

What are your goals for break?    Link up with us and let us know!

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  1. Good luck with all your goals!!! I love yoga too, just started doing it weekly at our community center and hope to continue :)

    Merry Christmas! Brie @ Breezy Special Ed


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